Here’s a complete overview for all available shortcuts:

General Shortcuts

  • Esc Closes active panel
  • ? Open shortcut overview
  • shift+1 Go to your hand
  • shift+2 Go to decks
  • shift+3 Go to milestones
  • shift+4 Open Mission Control
  • / Open search

Card detail view

  • o Focus owner field and open input field for typing owner
  • t Focus tags. Use the tab key to navigate across tabs and hit space to confirm them.
  • h Add/dismiss card to hand
  • d Opens change deck dialog
  • e Focus effort field (after that hit a number between 0 and 9 to set the effort)
  • p Focus priority field (after that hit either 1, 2 or 3 to set the priority)
  • m Focus Milestone field and open dialog. Use the tab key to navigate across tabs and hit space to confirm them.
  • s Open sub cards panel
  • r Archive/unarchive card
  • backspace Delete card
  • c Opens conversation panel
  • a Opens attachments panel. Hitting a again will open the first image.
  • z Open property panel
  • x Dismiss all non-conversation notifications associated with this card
  • alt+x Dismiss all notifications on this card (including conversations).
  • i Open history panel
  • return Open Text Editor

Card Overview (e.g. Hand/Decks/Milestones)

  • shift+m Open metrics
  • shift+i Recent Activity
  • shift+t Open tags filter side bar
  • shift+o Opens ‘order by’ search box
  • j Open previous card
  • k Open next card
  • arrow keys Open card to left/right/up/down of current card
  • q Add/dismiss “my cards” filter
  • n Open card creation
  • ctrl/cmd+a Select all cards in current context

Mini card

These only work if no card is opened, and affects the card under your mouse cursor.

  • Space Assign card to self if hovered. If card is assigned already, start card. Or mark as non-started if it’s started.
  • o Opens quick owner assignment picker
  • t Opens quick tag assignment picker
  • h Add or dismiss to hand
  • d Change deck
  • e Open effort picker
  • p Open priority picker
  • m Open Milestone picker
  • s Open hero card picker
  • r Archive/unarchive card
  • 0-9 Assign effort to card if mouse is over the effort icon.
  • 0-3 Assign priority to card if mouse is over the priority icon.
  • backspace Delete card
  • c Open card and comment section
  • b Select card

Bulk Selection Actions

  • i Inverts currently selected cards
  • space Assign all selected cards to myself
  • o Select new owner for selected cards
  • t Change tags for selected cards
  • h Add selected cards to hand, or removes from hand if all cards were already in the hand
  • d Move selected cards to deck
  • e Set effort for selected cards
  • p Set priority for selected cards
  • m Assign Milestone for selected cards
  • s Open hero card dialog
  • r Archive selected cards
  • backspace Delete selected cards
  • Esc Deselects all cards

For more tips on how to use Codecks effectively check this video (tip 7 is specifically about shortcuts):