Beyond texts, cards can contain various attachments. You can inspect the attachments of a card by clicking on the paper-clip button to the right side of an opened card.

You can recognize cards containing attachments by the small paper-clip icon on them. Here’s a nice shortcut: clicking on the icon will open the card with the attachment sidebar already expanded.

Adding attachments

When dropping any file onto Codecks, the cards will update their look to highlight that you may drop the attachment onto any card on the screen. You may also browse for a file to upload clicking the browse button in the attachments sidebar.

Our favorite way of adding attachments is by pasting via the keyboard (CTRL+V on Windows and CMD+V on Mac). This is the fastest way of getting an image from your image editing software or screenshot tool into Codecks.

Attachments Sidebar

The attachments sidebar contains all the attached files. Using the buttons on the top you may filter the attachments by type or change their sorting order.

Below you’ll see all the attached files with information who added them and when. Individual attachments may also be downloaded onto your machine or deleted.

Clicking on images opens them in the Codecks image viewer. The viewer allows you to zoom and pan the image without leaving Codecks. In the image viewer you may use the arrow buttons to jump between other images attached to the same card.

If your attachment order is set to newest first pressing the left arrow will jump to newer images, the right arrow will jump to older images. If you are sorting by oldest first this order is reversed. You sort preference is persisted across all cards.

Image Cover

You may also use images as card cover images by clicking on the eye icon next to the image. This replaces the default white background of the small card by your beautiful image and can help you with identifying cards at a glance. Also it is plain fun. 👩‍🎨

There can only be one card cover image at a time. Click the eye icon on the already set card cover image to revert back to the default text background.

Managing File Storage

If you are using the free plan you get 1GB in file storage for your project. If you are on our pro plan, you get 5GB per user. To see how much storage you are currently consuming, enter mission control (joystick icon in the top left) and click on the Files button.

This opens up your files library showing you the total amount of attachments and file size in use. From there you can delete large files that you don’t need anymore. This view can also be useful as an alternative way for finding a specific attachment.