Codecks features the built-in Discord bot Decky. Beyond notifications and card manipulation commands Decky helps you with community management by allowing your users to vote on ideas and feedback. These ideas become cards that live inside Codecks and that can be scheduled and managed like any other card. As you work on these cards, you can let Decky automatically update your community on the state of their feedback.

Decky will keep your community engaged and save you a ton of time by letting your community help in prioritizing and managing the feedback that you receive.

Enabling Discord Integration

To add Decky to your server, go to the Discord page in your organization settings. To see the organization settings, open the mission control sidebar by clicking the joystick icon 🕹️ in the top left.

Click on “Add Discord Server” to be redirected to your Discord account page. After logging in you can select any of your discord servers and authorize our bot.

If you authorize multiple servers you’ll be able to switch between the server that you’re currently managing by using the selection box in the top right of the Discord integration settings screen. If you have already added a server, you may add additional servers by clicking the + link next to the selection box


Commands in the Codecks UI

Commands are used by your discord community to send feedback (e.g. features requests or bug reports) to you. They allow your community to create cards inside your project management tool, so you can convert feedback directly into actionable task cards that live in your project management along with your other tasks. Decky will update the user on the state of their card and will manage any follow-up questions that you might have for them.


Any chat message in the chosen channel that starts with the command keyword will be recognized as a command for the bot. We recommend starting your commands with ! to make sure that your community members don’t accidentally trigger them. Messages which don’t start with a keyword are ignored by Decky, allowing you to also have regular conversations in that channel.

The card content will consist of the chat message excluding the initial keyword. For the command to be recognized there needs to be space after the initial keyword.


Each chat command only listens for one channel. If you want to use the same command on different channels, you can set up a separate command using the same keyword on the separate channel.

You can also choose a private channel, but you need to make sure that you set up the bot with the appropriate Discord role to be able to receive and send messages on that channel.

Upvoting & Threshold

Set Reaction threshold in the UI

If you set the threshold to zero, any time the command is triggered a card will be immediately created in your Codecks project. If you want messages to have to be vetted by your discord community first, you can set a minimum number of required upvotes by your community. Only once enough Discord users have approved the message, it will create a card in your Codecks project.

Upvoting works simply via adding an emoji to the chat message. You can customize which emoji will be counted as a vote. Only this specific emoji will be used for voting. Other emojis might still be added to the message but will be ignored by Decky. This makes it easy for you to see how many upvotes the messages are receiving on your server.

To confirm that Decky has seen any new command message, Decky will lovingly react itself with the selected emoji to the message. This also makes it easier for your discord community to remember which emoji is the appropriate one and also acts as confirmation for you that Decky is indeed listening and counting the upvotes on new command messages.

If you set a threshold you may also set a custom bot-message for celebrating when a message makes it through the threshold. The threshold-reached messages will appear in the same channel that this command was set up for.

You can also use the following special texts which get replaced in the message before being posted to the channel:

  • [USERNAME] will be replaced by the Discord username who sent the command
  • [CARDID] is the card id of the created Codecks card. This ID also allows the initial Discord user to extend the card with more information.
  • [CARDTITLE] the card title of the card. This will be the same as the message text excluding the initial command
  • [CARDPUBLICURL] will be replaced by the public URL in case this card lives in a deck that is shared with the public (see open decks).

Create cards in & Confirmation Message

Create card view in the UI

You can select the deck in which the new card will be created (e.g. a deck called Community Feedback or just your regular bug deck). You can also customize the confirmation message that the reporter will receive as direct message.

This message not only lets the user know that their card has been created, but also provides them with a card ID, which they can use to add comments to the card after the fact. A user might send the bot a DM at any point and they will receive all the IDs of cards they have submitted.

Community Cards in Codecks

Cards created from the community

Once a chat command has received enough upvotes a card with their chat messages (excluding the initial command keyword) will be created in Codecks. These cards behave like regular cards in Codecks and have access to the full suite of workflows. For example you can assign them to a team member, assign priority or attach them to a Milestone.

You can recognize the cards that were added by Decky through a Discord icon. The icon will appear in the bottom row of the mini card or in the top right of any opened card. Hovering over the icon will show you the number of emoji upvotes the card has received. You may also use ‘upvoted’ as criteria for sorting cards and to quickly identify the top reported community messages.

You can choose to keep the discord user updated on the status of the card by automatically informing them or the whole channel about updates. This works organically by just treating the card like any other task that you do while working on your project.

  • Send Message if card gets started
    You can disable this completely, set it to only DM the reporter or post publicly on a Discord channel.
  • Send Message if card gets done
    You can disable this completely, set it to only DM the reporter or post publicly on a Discord channel.

In these messages, you can use the same text macros as described above in Upvoting & Thresholds.

Commenting on Cards

Use Codecks to DM a user on Discord

You can send the card reporter a message without leaving Codecks. Opening a comment on a Discord-reported card, you’ll see the username and portrait of the user that reported the card, as if they were part of your team 🤯. Their portrait is also designated by a small discord icon. You can also add them to the conversation by using the user handle @discord.

Once you submit the comment, the user will receive a direct message from Decky with the content of your comment. The user can respond to the message like any other DM. Their responses will directly show up inside the comment thread and you’ll receive a notification for the new comment thread content.

A comment thread may also be initiated by the user using the card ID that they received after the card was created (see Create Cards & Confirmation Message).


Decky can also handle images, either as part of the original report message or inside of comment DM’s, so your community can send you screenshots of bugs or helpful drawings. Their images will be attached to the card.


Example Leaderboard as shown in Discord

Leaderboards are periodic overviews of the most popular requests received by Decky and posted to your channel. It lists the top currently known top entries in descending order of their vote count and with links to the original chat message.

You can specify the number of entries the leaderboard should contain and the message text that will appear before the leaderboard. If enabled, you can choose to automatically post them on a daily or weekly basis.

By default the leaderboard message will be posted to the same channel that the command was set up for but you may also choose a different channel just for the leaderboards.

The leaderboard will feature cards independent of whether they have already reached the threshold or not, so they may also contain entries that still need a couple more upvotes to make it into your Codecks project.

Removing commands via reactions

Once a card has passed the upvote threshold and has been created in Codecks, you can also use the regular archive and remove actions on it. Doing so will also remove the card from the leaderboard. It will not trigger further message notifications to the user.

Sometimes you might want to get rid of a chat message that hasn’t made it through the Decky threshold yet but is still appearing in the leaderboards or you might want to delete a card that made it through the threshold without leaving Discord.

For this you can set up a dedicated removal emoji. Assigning that emoji will automatically remove the message from further consideration for the threshold and even remove the card from your Codecks project if it already had been created. If you enable this option you may choose the specific emoji to use and also the Discord role that the user needs to have for Decky to recognize the action.

Project Notifications

Project Notification Settings in the UI

Codecks features a powerful built-in notification system. You can also share some or all of these notifications in a Discord channel of your choice. To set it up choose the Project Notifications tab inside the Discord Integration settings and click on “Add new Project Notifications”.

You can select one channel in which these notifications should appear. Make sure that you have given Decky a role that allows it to access the channel and to write to it. Select a project and the type of notifications that you want to have reported. You can select:

  • New card created
  • Card started
  • Card marked as done
  • Block or review started
  • Comment thread started
  • New comment in existing thread
  • New milestone created
  • Milestone updated

You can set up multiple project notifications at the same time and also choose to use the same channel for notifications from multiple projects.

Card Creators

Card Creator Settings in the UI

Card creators are streamlined commands that are for developers on your team to quickly create cards. They serve a similar purpose and syntax as the community commands but skip on all the extra community reporting and upvoting features for sake of allowing you to create cards quickly.

To set up a card creator select the “Card Creators” tab in the Discord integration settings and click on “Add new Card Creation Command”. Choose the command keyword which should appear at the start of the message. Decky will recognize the text following the initial keyword as content of the card. If the message has an image attached to it, that image will automatically be added to the card in Codecks.

You also have to provide a role that the user has to have to be allowed to issue commands of this type and the target deck of where to create the card.

Removing the bot

To remove Decky from your server, go to the “Remove Server” tab of the Discord integration settings. If you have Decky running on multiple servers, make sure to first choose the correct server in the top right selection box. To remove Decky from the selected server just click on “Remove integration from YOUR SERVER NAME”, but realize this will make Decky sad 😢.