Adding card to hand

In Codecks hands are personal card spaces for all cards that you consider interesting or relevant to yourself. Think of it as card bookmarks, independent of their owner, deck or status.

You can add cards to your hand by using the add to hand button on top of each opened card. If you create a new card from the hand area it will automatically be added to your hand. You may add multiple cards to your hand by using the bulk action bar as well.

If a card is in the hand of a team member, a hand icon will show up in the bottom left of the card. Hovering over the icon shows you who is currently holding this card in their hand.

A card may be held in multiple hands at the same time. Adding a card to your hand does not remove it from the hand of other people or from the deck it’s currently in.

Ghost Cards

Ghost Card

If you don’t specify a deck during the card creation process, the card becomes a private ghost card. That means that the existence of the card is hidden from all other team members. You can’t share it via comments or by passing the URL around. You can use these cards to keep personal notes (e.g. if you want to edit your radical design proposal before shocking the rest of the team).

To convert a ghost card into a regular card, just put it into a deck. This makes the card findable by your teammates and lets them appreciate your creation. Note that this isn’t reversible: i.e once a card is in a deck you can’t turn it into a private card anymore.

You can recognize ghost cards by the cute ghost icon at the bottom of the card. If you’re wondering why a card is not showing up for somebody else, making sure that you didn’t create a ghost card is a good thing to check first.