As your team grows it can be hard to ensure that no cards fall through the cracks within your workflow. Hunting down invalid review processes can cost time and cause confusion.

This is why Codecks allows to appoint Guardians for a deck. Any member of your team can become a Guardian by selecting them from the corresponding Section.

Guardian Selection

Once Guardians have been chosen, only them (and Producers and Admins) are able to directly mark a card of this deck as done.

Anyone else has to go through the review process. All guardians will automatically be added to a review. The review flow will be slightly altered for cards within Guardian decks. Instead of opting out, review participants are shown the option Approve and leave conversation. Once all participants have approved, the card owner will be able to close the review and mark the card as done.

In addtion to the altered review flow, non-Guardians may not archive cards or move cards into a different deck.