A project is a container for decks as well as an instrument for limiting access within your organization. Each deck belongs to exactly one project. An organization may create multiple projects. On the free plan you can create up to 5 projects.

Creating a project

By default your account will already contain one project. To create a new project, open the mission control side panel (click on the joystick icon in the top left) and use the ‘add’ button next to the project’s label. You can use drag and drop to change the sorting position in which your new project is shown. This sorting position is user-specific and won’t affect the order for anyone else in the team.

Setting a project image

You can already assign an image during the creation step. If you want to set the background image of an existing project, drag and drop an image file onto the project tile in the sidebar.

Managing visibility

You can use mission control (click on joystick at top) to show and hide projects quickly. Use this depending on whether you want to focus on a single project or prefer to have an overview of everything that is happening.

Click on the checkbox or anywhere on the project tile to show or hide the project. You can also click on the bullseye button to hide all other projects and only show the selected project.

If you hide a project you will not see any cards belonging to decks within that project. You will still see notifications for all projects though, so you won’t miss anything important going on in other projects.

User Management

You can assign each user one of four roles:

  • Admin: Will give user access to all projects and project settings
  • Staff: Will give user access to all projects
  • Guest: Will give user access to selected projects
  • Observer: Will give user access to selected projects but only allow them to see content and to write comments. The observer role is free to use and doesn’t affect your user quota.

Archiving Projects

If you don’t need active access to a project anymore, you can archive it using its project settings screen. You can access the project settings by clicking the gear icon on the project tile (once you hover your mouse there).

Archived projects are removed from the mission control list and all its cards won’t be visible to you anymore. You may restore archived projects at any time by selecting “Show archived projects” in the Mission Control.

Deleting Projects

In case you feel strongly about not just archiving a project, but completely eradicating any memory of it (we’ve all been there), you can delete it from the project settings screen.

Be aware that there is now way of restoring that data easily. If you regret your choice for any reason, reach out to us and let us know. We might be able to restore your project from backup.

Decks View

A project can contain many decks. The order in which projects are shown in the decks view is controlled by their order in the mission control side bar.

You can move decks from one project to another by simply dragging and dropping it to its new project. Be aware that this means that some users might gain or lose access to the deck depending on the settings of the new project. If these changes have impact on already running conversations you will get a warning about how moving the deck will influence the ongoing discussions. It will also warn you if card owners don’t have access to the target deck.